Who is the mastermind behind

“Care free Living” ?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a thing we’re happy to share with our friends. Most of the time we’ll just keep it with ourselves and thinking that it will just passed by like hurricane. Pretty sure the effect is like a hurricane in our life right? But unlike natural phenomena, IBS can be controlled. We can live with it, in a normal sense. Well, I will be sharing with you what I’ve learned base on my experiences about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Hi, I am Marvin Mar. I am a Civil Engineer working in a international construction firm. I am a father and a loving husband. I love to run, cook, play tennis and enjoy watching a lot of movies. And wait, I love coffee (I still do). Well, with proper moderation of course.

I’ve been an Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) sufferer for quite some time. One fine day, I take a sip with my morning espresso, then just like that, catastrophe came down on me. Yeah, the culprit is my beloved coffee. At first, I really didn’t know right away that I already have these symptoms for IBS. Before, I also had hyper-acidity or acid reflux and every time it triggers, it always resulted to diarrhea, stomach cramp and bloated tummy. I mean, the symptoms were almost the same right? Or maybe it is already IBS but I just don’t have any idea about it yet.

I remember before when I was running for half marathon(21km), in the middle of the run I was looking also for a gasoline station because for sure there will be a toilet on it. Luckily I found one and right away I sprint towards it like Usain Bolt. Well for sure I didn’t won the race but I managed to finish it though. It sucks but it was a funny and memorable experienced with IBS. I believe you too have some fair share of funny experiences right?

My doctor prescribed me with some medicines but I always believe that I can cope with my IBS symptoms in natural way. There’s a sense of urgency because it really affects my performance at work and my responsibly as a father and husband as well.

Well, it’s been a long while also and I am living with my normal life again. It’s living life with IBS but the good thing now is I am in control. I am a coffee lover and I cannot do a thing about it. Well that’s me. I still drink my morning coffee but with moderation. I mean bye2x Espresso. It’s a matter of control and persistence and a little bit of change in lifestyle. Well, every one of us is different. Different way of living, different trigger foods and different cravings. Having IBS doesn’t really mean life will be boring.

With the right information and proper guidance towards Irritable Bowel Syndrome, together with my team, we thrive for a “Care free living” attitude in life.

To a better life,

Marvin Mar