When it comes to IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it is very important to look for natural solutions. Oftentimes, the natural solutions provide long-term results unlike the results of medicine that has chemical contents. You keep on asking like "how to heal irritable bowel syndrome naturally?". Then, here are some home remedies for IBS that will help you solve the problem naturally and surely.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.1 - "Working IBS by Working Out"

home remedies for ibs

Working out or exercise is a popular activity for people who want to lose weight or simply to stay fit. However, you will be amazed that working out can actually solve your IBS too especially if you are usually constipated. When thinking about having a healthy lifestyle, that is usually composed of two things – healthy diet and regular exercise. Workout can have direct and indirect relationship with IBS. Directly, it helps improve your general health which results to healthy bowel movement. Indirectly, it changes your attitude and your disposition in life. Regular exercise can actually result to a change in your behavior. It improves your mood and makes you feel better.

Excercise over Stress

One of the major causes of IBS is stress. Well, stress is a regular part of life and you cannot stay away from it for a very long time. Exercise releases elements to fight stress and make you feel great instead. Workout is an efficient stress reliever. You will notice how your tolerance to pain seems to become lower whenever you are stressed out. All you have to do is work out to get rid of your stress and save you from suffering from intense abdominal pain because of IBS. This is one of the natural home remedies for IBS that you maybe doing already in a regular basis.

When you are constipated, that is because your digestion is not working the way that it should. Regular exercise increases your metabolism rate which brings about many different kinds of health benefits. One of those health benefits is the remarkable improvement of your metabolism. With faster and healthier metabolism, you will be saved from constipation and your bowel movement will become regular.

There are different kinds of workout routines that will help regulate your bowel movement.

--Call for Cardio----


Some examples of effective exercises for fighting IBS are aerobics which is one of the most loved exercises especially by those who love to dance, cycling or biking which is a great way to exercise especially when you love exploring, and walking which is actually a great way to spend quality time and share casual or meaningful conversations with a friend or a loved one. You can choose your own cardio workout and it does not even have to be physically demanding. Cardio is actually a combination of fun and excitement.

--Yes to Yoga----

You may recognize yoga because of the hype especially in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. The truth is that aside from looking great while executing different poses that require dexterity and flexibility, yoga can actually give you multiple benefits including a solution for your IBS. Since you will do yoga to relieve stress, it is best to opt for gentle poses. However, if you want to do yoga for fitness reasons in addition to solving IBS, then you can take it up a notch and go for advance yoga classes. Yoga is one of the home remedies for IBS that focus on relaxation and abdominal muscle strengthening. Now you may have a clearer picture on how to cure IBS by yoga.


--Magic of Meditation----


Some people think that you need technical skills in order to meditate. The truth is anybody can do it and your mastery level increases with continuous practice. Soon enough, you will realize that you can do it without much effort. You may find it hard to just sit still, hold your position and focus on just one thing. Usually, it is much easier if you choose to focus on the sound of your breathing. It is perhaps the highest form of relaxation since your mind will finally have the opportunity to have some rest.

--Best of Breathing Excercise----

Yes, something as simple as breathing can actually help solve IBS. Just take deep breaths and you will find that you will slowly calm down and in a few minutes, you will feel totally relaxed. This is actually a simple yet popular recommendation even from professionals. It is also one of the home remedies for IBS that you can use absolutely free.


--Touched by Tai Chi----


Some people may describe Tai Chi as a hybrid of yoga and meditation. It combines breathing patterns and movement. This ancient Chinese exercise will help you have and maintain healthy bowel movement. People testify to how effective it is when it comes to improving their digestion.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.2 - "Set yourself free from Stress"


In order to be free from stress, you need to fully understand stress itself. What is stress? Why do you experience stress? What are its causes? Its effects? What can you do to prevent it? What can you do when you are already stressed out? And what are the common misconceptions about stress?


Stress is usually defined as a disturbance in a person’s state of balance or harmony. Various factors can cause stress including but not limited to physical factors such as medical conditions and undergoing medical procedures such as surgery and physiological factors such as mentally draining and emotionally painful situations like getting fired, getting divorced, or losing a loved one. You may notice that the sense of dread is usually associated to the stomach and the gut. This is actually more than just a sense because stress is proven to affect your digestion negatively. Therefore, the key is to actually solve the cause of stress or find ways to relax to solve IBS. Stress relieving activities are great home remedies for IBS.

--Relaxation Solution----

Relaxation does not need to be expensive. You can actually have it for free. With relaxation, you can enjoy multiple benefits including reduced anxiety, enhanced memory, improved focus and concentration, reduced fatigue, decreased muscle tension, energy boost, maximized productivity, improved sleep, and self-confidence boost. The most popular relaxation techniques that fight IBS involve diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and positive visualization.

When it comes to IBS, education is the key. It is the key not just for understanding IBS but understanding stress as well as other factors that trigger IBS in order to identify the best solution.


ibs diet plan

As mentioned before and in numerous references, diet plays a major role in IBS. You also need to understand that it is not always about what you eat. When referring to diet, it also includes when, how much, and how you eat it. These are things to remember about your meals if you want to stick to home remedies for IBS.

--Breakfast like a king----

Yes, what people and books have been telling you for years is actually true. It is a must to have your breakfast in the morning, ideally within an hour after you woke up. While some people seem to think that skipping meals actually help them stay fit. The truth is that you should never skip breakfast. It’s always to have small meals and snacks every couple of hours or so than to eat a huge meal or two in a day. Skipping meals actually fills your digestive system with air instead of some actual food to digest so you feel bloated and you suffer from cramps.

--Meals like a juggler----

The key to each meal is balance. A balance meal ensures that you stay fit and that you prevent IBS without compromising the fulfillment of the nourishment that your body needs. Healthy, balanced meals ensure smooth digestion and ensure that your digestive organs are functioning well. It ensure that your digestive system, as well as the other systems in your body is at its best condition.

--Servings like a kid----

Have a little bit of everything instead of pigging out on a specific dish. Servings matter. What is important is that you can stay away from IBS without feeling deprived because you can still eat delicious food in different times of the day, in small servings.

--Bite and chew like you have nowhere to go to----

Just like in pretty much anything in life, take your time. More bite, more chew – these are two things that you have to remember when eating. When you take small bites and when you chew your food longer and better, then you can savor the flavors of what you are eating. Do not be in a hurry because usually, when you do not chew your food thoroughly, it results to constipation. Besides, eating in this manner is much more relaxing and it makes meal time more enjoyable. You can converse with your family, your co-workers, or whoever you are sharing your meals with. In doing so, you will hit two birds with one stone – socialization and IBS-free digestion.

--Fiber like a pro----

This time, take time to get to know your meal. Try to identify its contents. If you are IBS prone, you may be used to watching what you eat carefully by now. It is best to include soluble fiber to your meals. Great sources of soluble fiber include oat bran, peas, seeds, barley, and nuts. Aside from IBS symptoms relief, soluble fiber also helps you maintain low, healthy cholesterol levels. This benefits different systems in your body aside from your digestive system. It is also great for those who are watching their weight because food that contains soluble fiber such as cereals keep you full longer than other food.

--Drink like a hibiscus----

Drink as much water as you can. Ideally, you should drink at least six glasses of water daily but it is best to go for eight. The great thing about water is that it is a great help no matter what type of IBS you are suffering from. If you have diarrhea, it will keep your body hydrated through replacing lost water whenever you go to the toilet. Likewise, it regulates and quickens your metabolism if you are constipated. It puts you in a win-win situation and it is important even for those who do not suffer from IBS. Besides, water is definitely a healthier option compared to other drinks. If you usually suffer from IBS, it is best to stay away from specific drinks such as fizzy drinks, carbonated drinks, pop, coffee, beer, and other alcoholic drinks.

Remember that if the drink has bubbles, it is most likely to fill your system with gas. Also, there’s no need to use the straw whenever you drink because it also invites gas into your digestive system.

--Know like a detective----

You should be able to observe your experiences when it comes to food items that trigger your IBS. There are some kinds of food that are very common triggers of IBS. These food items include fatty foods, food items that contain lactose, spicy dishes, and specific kinds of gassy vegetables including cabbage and broccoli. If you are not too observant on what you eat, you can use a diet or meal diary. All you need to do is to write down the date, time, and the food items that you consumed. That way, you have an idea just when your IBS was triggered. That will help you identify IBS trigger foods that you should stay away from.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.4 - "Water Wonderful World"


It is a wonderful world and water can make it even more wonderful for you. Water plays a vital role in your health especially in preventing IBS. It is one of the home remedies for IBS that you can actually get for free. You are already doing it so all you have to do is to increase the quantity and the frequency of your water intake.


The importance of drinking is not just because of the water itself but also because of how water reacts with other elements in your digestive system especially with soluble fiber. You may already know how it is important to incorporate soluble fiber into your meals. The truth is that soluble fiber works best when combined with sufficient water. That powerful combination will help you stay away from both constipation and diarrhea. This combination also gives you many other benefits.

  • It ensures that your gastrointestinal muscle tone is at a healthy level.
  • Dilutes the toxic elements accumulated in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • Binds irritants inside your digestive system.
  • Delivers needed oxygen supply to your tissues.
  • Maintains healthy balance of the flora inside your intestines.

You do not have to wait until you are thirsty before you drink water. When you are already thirsty, that means that your internal organs are beginning to get dehydrated. While it is recommended that you drink six to eight glasses of water every day, it is best to try to drink twice that number. This is actually easy as it is one of the home remedies for IBS that is absolutely free.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.5 - "Bacteria Buddy for your Body"


When you hear the word bacteria, it may form negative images on your mind such as getting sick. However, you need to understand that there are also good bacteria. Your body actually needs these good bacteria in order to be at their best condition. The most popular bacterium when it comes to dealing with IBS is Lactobacillus acidophilus. This kind of bacteria exists naturally in your body. This is usually found in your mouth, in your intestines, and in female genital. It also promotes healthy digestion and optimum absorption of the nutrients in the food that you eat. Aside from IBS, it also helps prevent and ease lactose intolerance, asthma, eczema, and different kinds of vaginal infections.

--Lacto Products----

Popular Lactobacillus acidophilus sources include yogurt, different kinds of soy products, kefir, and pickles. You can even purchase it in different forms – liquid, powder, or tablet, so you can incorporate it in your meals or drinks. However, if you are lactose intolerant, then your best option is yogurt.

You can consume this healthy bacterium in the morning to start your day right. The great thing about probiotics is that it is very good for your health and you can prepare it in different ways to make it taste delicious. A good example is a probiotic smoothie for your breakfast. All you need for this sweet and healthy morning treat is some frozen or fresh blueberries, some chilled bananas, non-fat plain or Greek yogurt, and some flaxseed.

Lactobacillus acidophilus will help improve your health including your IBS concerns. These are some of the health issues that it can solve:

Deny Diarrhea

It will help you prevent diarrhea especially diarrhea that is caused by contaminated food or what is popularly known as traveler's diarrhea. You can also combine Lactobacillus acidophilus with other good bacteria such as Bifidobacterium bifidum and Saccharomyces boulardii. It is also known to treat even infectious diarrhea among adults and children. Consumption of this healthy bacterium also gives you protection from IBS and other health problems through improving your immune system. You always have an options to use home remedies for IBS diarrhoea.

Vagina Villain

You can win the fight against vaginal infections with Lactobacillus acidophilus especially with regular consumption of yogurt.

Restoration Royalty

When you suffer from IBS or when you get sick, you will lose some of the good bacteria inside your intestines because of the antibiotics that you may need to take. These are the bacteria that help you fight diseases. Lactobacillus acidophilus will replace those destroyed good bacteria so you can get better faster.

Digestion Delight

This good bacterium helps maintain healthy digestive processes. It also fights the bad bacteria that can cause you to suffer IBS as well as other kinds of diseases.

Constipation Cancellation

It is the mortal enemy of constipation so when you consume probiotic rich meals or drinks, each visit to the toilet becomes easier. And it also solves other IBS problems as well as different kinds of inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease. It also eases lactose intolerance.

Important Immunity

Your immune system protects you from IBS and other health threats. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the home remedies for IBS that takes care of your immune system. The most effective forms for the improvement of your immune system is through drinking milk, eating yogurt, or taking supplements. Supplements come in different forms including granules, powders, capsules, liquid, yogurts, and tablets. Always keep supplements in the refrigerator to maintain its best quality. Studies show significant improvement among people who suffer from fever and cough when they consumed food and drinks with this probiotic.

Other Additions. Other benefits of this bacterium are decreasing the chances of suffering from pollen allergies, lowering the chances of getting eczema for children, and maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.6 - "Let Laxative Go"


Whenever you suffer from constipation and it gets too painful and you are suffering from too much discomfort, you usually turn to laxative. Indeed, it provides the comfort that you need with the long-awaited release and softened stool. However, it may cause other problems when you use it too often. The problem is that there is a high possibility that your body will become dependent of the laxative. You may find it hard to tolerate constipation, harder than how your body usually react to it. In the long term, it may even cause your IBS to worsen. Detox for IBS sufferers now is necessary if your body is dependent into it. You just have to be very careful when it comes to laxatives. It is recommended that you make it your last resort – only when all else fails.

There are two different kinds of laxatives. Likewise, there are two possible health risks that these laxatives pose.

Opt out of Osmotic Laxatives

This kind of laxative pulls water towards your intestines to make it easier for your stool to pass. Although it provides relief, you may want to think twice about using it every time you are constipated. Too much use of this kind of laxative can reverse the situation and cause you to suffer from diarrhea instead.

Stop Stimulant Laxatives

Another kind of laxative, Stimulant Laxatives it signals your muscles to initiate movement that will eventually cause bowel movement. Just like Osmotic Laxatives, it may cause temporary relief but with frequent use, it may damage those muscles.

You have other options on what you should do when you are constipated instead of using laxatives.

Go for warm water

Drink more than just the recommended six to eight glasses of water every day and make sure that you drink warm water. Drinking cold water may aggravate your situation. Choose warm water as it is one of the home remedies for IBS especially for constipation.

Real Relief

If you cannot take it anymore and you want immediate relief from your pain and suffering, you can take painkillers such as codeine and Paracetamol.

Mini Meals

Instead of consuming heavy meals, try to distribute small portioned meals in different times of the day.

Black List

Stay away from food and drinks that trigger IBS such as food and drink with dairy or sugar. You may also want to stay away from greasy food, spicy dishes, and highly acidic food items.

Loosen up

To prevent further discomfort, forget what fashion gurus say for the meantime and wear more comfortable clothes instead of tight pants.

Beat Stress

Get to know your mortal enemy which is stress and find ways to deal with it constructively.

Con Condiments

Stay away from condiments whenever you suffer from constipation. Opt out of jams and butter among many others.

Drink don’ts

Stay away from unhealthy drinks especially popular IBS triggers such as coffee and pop.

Pro Probiotics

Incorporate different kinds of probiotics in your meals. This will help maintain a healthy balance in your intestines. Regulated elements in your intestines will, of course, result to healthy bowel movement.

HOME REMEDIES FOR IBS NO.7 - "Organic Solutions"


Organic is always the best option in pretty much everything. It means that it does not contain potentially harmful chemicals. It means that you get all the goodness without any risk for your health. Organic is also popularly known as the healthy option. Herbal remedies for IBS are easy to find also. Some may complain that organic products are usually more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, that is not true all the time. These home remedies for IBS are organic, very affordable, and comes with multiple advantages and benefits. 

--Apple Cider Vinegar----

apple cider vinegar ibs

You may wonder how a simple apple cider vinegar can solve your IBS problems. One of the most common reasons why people suffer from IBS is that they do not have enough acidity in their stomach. This is unhealthy because sufficient acidity is needed in order for your stomach to process and digest the food that you eat properly. It is also important for breaking down your meals especially the heavy ones such as red meat. Failure to process your food properly will lead to gas and feeling bloated. With all these benefits thus making apple cider vinegar IBS neutralizer.

--Olive Leaf Extract----


Another reason why you usually suffer from IBS is the presence of unwanted parasites and organisms inside your intestines and your stomach. It causes irregularities in your bowel movement and steals the nourishment that you are supposed to get from the food and drinks that you consume. Aside from that, they also leave their wastes inside your body. Such wastes are unhealthy and harmful. Accumulated wastes from these parasites and organisms can build up and cause different kinds of diseases. Olive leaf extract or OLE works great in destroying such build ups. This OLE cleansing is recommended at least once a year.

--Coconut Oil----

Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table

Good bacteria need fats to thrive. Therefore, it is best to find different sources of healthy fat. Coconut oil is one of the most popular fat source choices as it repairs any inflammation in your gut. In addition, it fights IBS causing bacteria efficiently. Both coconut oil and meat are home remedies for IBS.

--Fennel Seeds----


Fennel Seeds work great if you want to stop the pains connected to IBS. It also comes I capsule form so it is easy to consume. It will soothe you and relieve you from the usual pain that you feel whenever you get the urge to go to the toilet.



Ginger solves different symptoms of IBS including cramps and nausea. It also works great against indigestion. If you do not have appetite, you can also eat ginger in some form for an instant appetite boost. When you ate too much, you will surely pay for it afterwards but ginger can save the day. With its powerful enzymes, those extra foods are broken down in no time. This one also helps on how to relieve IBS pain fast since it is very good in eliminating bloating problems in minutes.



It provides relief for different pains and discomfort related to IBS. It puts a stop to your stomach cramps, it is an efficient solution to diarrhea, it stops you from feeling bloated, it stops your abdominal pains, it solves your diarrhea, and it gets rid of all those extra gas in your stomach and colon.



Just like chamomile, peppermint is also a popular solution for IBS pains. It also comes in capsule form for more efficiency. You can also drink it as a tea which makes it perfect for tea drinkers. It is a popular solution for Gastrointestinal cramps and indigestion. And to add it up, it also has antibacterial properties so it is also useful for other medical conditions especially infections. Lastly, it stimulates your gall bladder so that your gall bladder releases the much needed bile. That bile will make digestion more efficient.


These are just some of the home remedies that are either very affordable or are free. This will be your first step on your quest on how to cure IBS permanently. Take advantage of these useful nuggets of information to prevent future pains, discomfort, and diseases. These are solutions that you usually find inside your own kitchen or inside your own backyard. Aside from accessibility, availability, and affordability, these are also considered as your healthy options for ending your IBS problems. Make your decision, make your choice so you can forget about IBS and do more productive things and accomplish more with your time. These home remedies for IBS are definitely worth sharing.


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